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Pastoral, Medical and Social Support

As an inclusive primary school we welcome and celebrate diversity. All staff appreciate the importance of children having self esteem in order to achieve positive wellbeing. The class teacher has overall responsibility for the pastoral, medical and social care of every child in their class, therefore this will be parents’ first contact.

Pastoral Support

In our school we use a number of strategies to support the emotional wellbeing of all children including those with SEND.

  • We are a friendly, open and caring school.
  • We encourage parents and carers to speak to key members of staff each day.
  • We are also happy to speak over the telephone to those parents who work during the day.
  • We visit all new Reception children before they start school. This has been very successful and children quickly become more familiar with members of staff.
  • We ensure that children with SEND, who require additional support in this area, have an adult who they are happy to talk to.
  • We have a trained Pastoral Support worker who is available to work with identified children who have a variety of needs.
  • We support the children fully when they move to Secondary school. We always provide staff to accompany the children on their visits and members of the transition team spend time in our school every Summer Term.
  • We hold regular open days and provide tours of the school.
  • As a church school we are underpinned by the Christian values that promote emotional wellbeing for all.

Medical Support

The school has a policy regarding the administration of medicines. Parents need to contact the school office and complete paperwork to help us administer medicines correctly. Our Medicine Policy is clear on which medicines can be administered in school.

We work closely with professionals, both in-school staff, the school nurse, outside agencies and parents/ carers to support all public health and medical needs within the school.

  • We are able to meet with parents/carers to discuss any concerns within a confidential and supportive environment.
  • We ensure staff receive up to date training and we seek advice from the relevant professionals to meet a families’ needs.
  • We arrange school nurse involvement when needed.
  • We produce Medical Care Plans for those children who have complex additional needs.
  • We work alongside Health and Social Services and other support teams when required.
  • We consult with a wide range of agencies and partnerships to ensure the medical needs of SEND children are met.

Social Support

School can access a wide range of health professionals who can help children and families where there are concerns about their emotional well-being and mental health. Children with SEND sometimes require more social support than other children.

  • We use ‘Talk About’ to enable children with SEND to become more socially aware.
  • We use strategies such as Social Stories to enable children to understand social situations.
  • Staff have particular expertise in working with children with emotional and social difficulties.
  • We work with the Educational Psychology Service and CAMHS.