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School Attendance

Good attendance is vital.

Why we think this is important

  • Good learning and success is dependent on good attendance.
  • Every lesson missed makes it harder for your child to understand and enjoy their learning.
  • Children who attend regularly are happier at school. They feel more secure with their learning and their work.
  • Lateness damages learning. The first 5 minutes of a lesson are vital. This is when the learning objective of the lesson is explained.
  • Lateness affects everyone, especially those who arrive on time. Children who arrive late break the concentration of the whole class.

Head teachers are no longer able to grant leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances. The school will consider each request of absence individually; taking into account the circumstances, such as; the nature of the event for which leave is sought, the pupil’s prior attendance.  Please request an application form from school.  Unauthorised leave may result in a warning or Fixed Penalty Notice (fine).

More information can be found in our Attendance Leaflet which can be downloaded. It can also be found in your child’s 2017 – 2018 planner.

Following LA Guidance, to address the Government’s agenda on attendance, we will issue letters outlining attendance concerns for any pupil who does not reach 92% attendance in a term.

This includes absence due to holiday in term time.  Children who achieve 95%+ or 100% will receive text messages home.  Children who achieve 100% attendance for a whole year will receive a lapel badge.