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Online Safety – Guidance and Information

As part of our Information and Communication Technology curriculum our school provides supervised access to the Internet. Pupils have their own username and password to access the portal at home, as well as at school, allowing them to use appropriate websites, upload any work to be marked, receive and send emails through a secure site, view photographs from their year group and ‘chat’ in a supervised area.

To address the concerns about pupils having access to undesirable materials, we take positive steps to deal with this possibility. We have purchased our Internet access from an educational supplier that operates a filtering system that restricts access to inappropriate materials. All our computers with Internet access are in teaching areas and their use is supervised.

The children are  taught Internet Safety as part of their lessons, and this is an area that is referred back to very regularly. Our Online Safety Policy is available here.

You may want to download The Durham County Guides for Young People and Parents from the links below.
E-safety websites with information and guidance for parents and carers.